We are a user focused technology company developing cloud-based solutions for the education, training and employment markets.

Started by professionals with combined experience of over 100 person years in almost all aspects of learning technologies, GreenClouds is set up with the vision of "Putting Education on the clouds and of making Opportunities for Employment and gainful Engagement accessible to all". We believe that by providing cutting edge cloud solutions for the education, training and employment sectors we can help in making opportunities for education, employment and engagement relevant, inclusive and accessible.

While excited about and embracing opportunities that browser advancements, device proliferation and cloud computing offers, we are strong proponents of accessibility and universal inclusion. The big opportunity we see is the new technological possibilities these advancements open up for the education and employment markets.

Our emphasis is on Functionality, Engineering, Aesthetics, Security, scalability and Compliance. Our development philosophy is anchored on three core principles of Simplicity, Speed and Reliability.

We believe that we can make significant contribution to the education and employment markets through thoughtful functionality, aesthetic design & engineering excellence.

Almost everything that we do and use can be done so much better! And we know we will do our bit.